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Dentistry Software

Extraction. Restorations.

Scalling & Root planning. Sealants.

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Provide Administrative & Enhanced Clinical Opertional Support

Integrated,Comprehensive Dentistry Software with MultiClinic Support that delivers the best business management and transforms your client experience.

B2B Field Sales

Customizable Dental Templates

Documentation is easy and faster now with customizable templates for every field of dental health. Simultaneously document visits and perform dental processes with visit note integration.

Patient Retargeting

Streamline your operations

Dentistry’s software tools help you centralize,standardize and streamline everything from internal staff communications to financial reporting and more.

Patient Experience


A good care is the care that reaches its patient days after the treatment needs.DocEngage gives the platform to be in touch with patients and monitor the health status.

Feedback Management


DocEngage enables sending out Promotions for services/products,discount offers and announcements based on health needs of their patients.

What is Dentistry Software?

Dentistry Software is used by the dentist to organize the records of the patients in their practice. Dentistry Software Provides tools for dentists and related health professionals to oversee their day-to-day operations.

The software is used for collecting, managing, saving, and retrieving medical information for the patients, and for creating reports for the patients.


Why is Dentistry Software Important?

This dentistry software for dentists makes it easier to book appointments. The Software allows your admin staff to program automatic payments, send out billing statements and submit insurance claims online.

essential for the dentistry software are electronic prescription services . Software for this purpose saves your dentistry practice a lot of time.

Dentistry Speciality Features

EHR Features
Pratice Management


Managing appointment booking for multiple doctors & Clinics.

Patient Portal


Provides dental restorations such as Fillings,Crowns,Bridges, Dental Implants,Dentures,RCT etc.



Easily chart and bill procedures,treatment & conditions per tooth with dental charts.


Patient Records

Allowing doctors to prescribe both simple & composite medicines by Capturing patient data.

Patient History

SMS and Email

Communicate with patients through the patient portal as well as through email / SMS

Patient Lab Result

and Compliance

Improved security and disaster recovery tools keep data protected,reliable and safe.

The Benefits of Dentistry Software

dental practice management software

Accomplice with Patients

DocEngage Dentistry integrated Patients can communicate via Email and SMS,ePrescribe and online prescription available.Reminder for follow-up call for confirmed appointments,Bill,Receipt,Prescription can be shared through Email.


Manage Doctors time slots for appointments,Create ,manage users and assign them role based access.Add and Manage Medicines ,create back-up of data.Add and Manage treatment categories,Manage clinic information.


The dentistry software doesn’t need an integration with a supplemental or any third-party solution. Software refuses or makes it very difficult for users to connect their existing marketing tools, It’s the sharing and interpreting of patient information across an entire system.

Digital Imaging

Software made up of a clinical and administrative database and digital imaging functionality. The integration also promises more accurate treatment planning and reduction of wasteful clinical practices. It provides them with the tool to take and store dental x-rays,built-in dental imaging software.

apps for booking appointments

Medical Records In Patient's Pocket

Patient can view, his data anytime anywhere using patient app and also he can make some quick action in mobile app such as document upload, appointment request and self assessment form.

Patient App 

Billing App   

dentistry Software

Care Your Remote Patients by seeing their Medical Data using Embedded
"DocEngage EHR"

Allowing doctors to prescribe both simple and composite medicines, Serving as the central repository for planning patient care and documenting communication among patient.

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Simple & Easy to Use for Doctors More time with Patients, Multi Speciality Based Templates.