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Intelligently Designed to provide seamless support to your clinic

Our software provides secure cloud based system which can be accessed from any location.



Appointment management can be scheduled according to the patient injury so that we can add a single service or adding no of services i.e, package with respect to payment plan.


Package Billing
and Reconciliation

Package billing and Reconciliation helps in track down the number of services used by the patients and adjustment of therapy plans.



This will be useful in giving daily exercise routines and carry over patient information. Also it improves the communication with the patient, and it is accessible and also can be retrieved at any time.



DocEngage helps in Streamlined marketing which enables sending out Promotions for packages or services, discount offers and announcements based on physiotherapy needs of patients.

What is physiotherapy software?

Physiotherapy Management software is a digital solution for physical therapy clinics.Our software provides EMR, consultation assessment, pre-paid packages and therapy related care plans.

For example, software used by physicians, the core features of EMRs for physiotherapy also include the ability to track therapy notes, care plans and assessments for patients.


How is Physiotherapy software helpful?

Physiotherapy management software helps in increasing overall efficiency and productivity for physical therapy clinics.

This Physiotherapy management software assists in easy appointment management, upkeep enhanced medical records of patients, improves the quality of patient care, develops communication between provider and patient with therapy notes, and also enhances decision making process with help of patient exercise flow sheets.

Physiotherapy Speciality Features

appointment management

Pre-Consultation Assessment

Provider reviews a patient's medical symptoms and recommends treatment.

Packages and Pre-paid Services

Pre-paid packages and Services

Display's the package instantly required for patient care and treatment advised to the patient.

Loyalty and Club Cards

Therapy plan

It shows patients personal goals like improvement in functioning, plus exercises or other treatments to help you reach them.

spa management software

Exercise Flow Sheets

In this we can record a patient’s daily exercise routines to track the improvement of the patient.

derma med spa

Patient Care

Monitor the effectiveness of delivery at work. Capture patient data from vitals , Therapy related notes, case sheet print.

Distributed Inventory

Pre and post e-Communication

This enables hospitals to communicate with patients through the patient portal as well as through email or SMS.

Analytics and Reports

Analyse your Practice

This can easily track your business growth and improves operational decision making and help’s you in automate your clinics business standards.

Consumable Tracking

Home Care

Home-based physiotherapy treatment and management for the patientswho are unable to come to the hospital or clinic due to complex health conditions.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy Software


Easy to Access

All the patient records can be accessed from any location anytime as all data is stored on the cloud, all you need is a pc or laptop with an internet connection to log in to your account.

Data Security

Securing your data is a top priority. We ensure all necessary steps to secure your data.Any data sent from one user to another user is encrypted through SSL via HTTPS, thus maintaining the patient data secured.

Quality of Services

Physiotherapy software helps digitalizing many tasks, such as patient scheduling, prescription writing, billing and medical records management.This helps therapists improve their service quality.

apps for booking appointments

Medical Records In Patient's Pocket

Patient can view, his data anytime anywhere using patient app and also he can make some quick action in mobile app such as document upload, appointment request and self assessment form.

Patient App 

Billing App   

Cosmetology Software

Care Your Remote Patients by seeing their Medical Data using Embedded
"DocEngage EHR"

Allowing doctors to prescribe both simple and composite medicines, Serving as the central repository for planning patient care and documenting communication among patient.

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