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We're a one-stop shop, covering every step of the process from hardware configuration to workflow to billing. We empower clinicians to access a secure, convenient way to manage patient records electronically. With our extensive reporting dashboards, billing & inventory, schedule management enables clinics and hospitals to focus on patient care while we focus on workflow efficiency.

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EMR and Practice Management Software

Enterprise Security

We Comply with the Highest Industry Standards for Data Security.

DocEngage security

Bank-level security

All communication to and from DocEngage are encrypted through SSL via HTTPS.

Ensuring security of high-risk information

DocEngage provides role based access control to prevent inappropriate or unauthorized access to both patient information and system control.

Sensitive data encryption

Protect patient health information from being read by unauthorized parties when it is transmitted, or stored on any device, including mobile devices. Encrypting PHI puts information in a coded form that can only be read by an authorized user who has a "key".

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DocEngage is a comprehensive EMR and helping us to focus on patient care without worrying about our practice workflow

Dr. Ajit Surin, MD Medicine