For Hospital, Clinic Chains and Home Care Providers, who are struggling to retain uniform care process across clinics, DocEngage is a Growth-Maker




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Secure & Manage Your Patient Record
with DocEngage EMR

Secure & Manage Your Patient Record with DocEngage EMR

DocEngage EMR is a comprehensive patient records management software which facilitate holistic care delivery to patient. Our EMR is extremely efficient to manage thousands of patient’s records across the clinics located even in different city. So, DocEngage provides you with power to render continuous care to your patients.

With DocEngage, Chains of Clinics will get one stop place for their patient records with their history and customized treatment plan along with analytics. DocEngage EMR is seamlessly integrated with pharmacy & laboratory. Providers can get their patient records in his mobile just with a click, as DocEngage has mobile enabled EMR.

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  • Bank-level security

    All communication to and from DocEngage are encrypted through SSL via HTTPS.

  • Ensuring security of high-risk information

    DocEngage provides role based access control to prevent inappropriate or unauthorized access to both patient information and system control.

  • Sensitive data encryption

    Protect patient health information from being read by unauthorized parties when it is transmitted, or stored on any device, including mobile devices.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    DocEngage, a HIPAA compliant software that ensures you safe & secure access to patient records with high level measures for information sharing, audit & security.


why us

DocEngage, top-notch and modern cloud-based software. A complete integrated solution for all your hospital needs: front office, accounts, auditing, administration, clinical, marketing, sales etc. It integrates with other third party softwares and provides seamless & secure integration.

We thrive in innovation and adapt health care dynamics first in the market. By using DocEngage, you would be top in healthcare adoption and technology front.

  • Transparent Pricing

  • Adapts your hospital workflow

  • Beautifully designed & easy to use

  • Industry leading patient data security

  • We listen to you & co-create our software

  • World-class & personalised customer support

  • Proactively participate in digitising your hospital

  • Empower you to compete with your competitors

  • We participate in your growth vision & help you to grow

  • Commitment in improving your patient engagement & experience

  • Highly scalable, superior performance, can support hospital of any size