Healthcare CRM and Patient Engagement for Hospital Marketing Automation

DocEngage Healthcare CRM(HCRM)

Increase New Patients 20%

by Precision Segments

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How DocEngage Healthcare CRM different from other CRM's?

"#1 HCRM in India and 5th in the World."

Very simple, to work in Hospital, you need medically trained physician, nurse etc, likewise, to engage, market, brand your hospital & patients, you need medically enabled CRM which understands EHR and HIS in depth and creates immense value proposition by precision segments and targets for Marketing & New Patient Acquisition, Upselling etc leads to business growth within launching first few weeks.

DocEngage has to 10 features which no other CRM offers off-self. Each features is well designed to add a particular business benefit to your organisation.

DocEngage CRM integrates ----> EHR, Cloud Telephony, Call Centers, Social Media, Website, Facebook, Just Dial etc. so you can get all the data from various sources to one software.

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Hospital Marketing
Healthcare CRM doubles Hospital Patients by Smart Leads & Marketing Center

Salient Features

  •   Suspect Management & Lead Promotion

  •   Dynamic Patient Segments

  •   Precision Outreach & Marketing

  •   Integrated EMR - CRM Workflows

  •   Feedback, NPS Score & Complaint Ticketing

  •   Direct Chats with Patients

  •   Rewards/Loyalty Points

  •   Patient Engagement

  •   Lead Management & Sales Cycle(EMR Enabled)

  •   Disease/Condition Based Workflow Engine

  •   Most Intelligent Communication Platform

  •   Email/SMS/Call/Whatsapp Campaign

  •   Complete Referral Management

  •   Membership Cards & Rule Based Benefits

  •   Available in Web, Mobile & Tablet Platform

  •   Integration with 30+ different systems


  Increase Sales Rate by 30%

  Higher Lead Conversion by 25%

  Increase Patient Follow-up upto 80%

  Increase Lead Pipeline by 25%

  Reduce No Shows by 50%

  Reduce Patient Attrition by 70%

  Reduce Patient Acquisition Cost by 40%

  Increase Patient Health Outcome

  Chronic Care & Engagement

  Smart Marketing & High ROI

  Upsell/Service line growth by 15%

  Referral Increase by 20%

Take a look at what HCRM can do for you?

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Lead Converted through Facebook- 30%

Lead Converted through Website- 40%

Lead Converted through Offline- 20%

Lead Converted through Newspaper- 10%

Lead Converted through Social Media- 70%

Lead Converted through Staff- 65%

Lead Converted through Referral Program- 70%

Lead Converted through Staff/Resource Wise- 45%

Lead Converted through SMS/Email Campagin- 60%

CRM Healthcare
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The DocEngage Care Coordinator & Engagement enables EMR based communication with patients, improve patient awareness, monitor health progress based on treatments , enables communication with physicians etc. This improves overall quality of care and improves health outcome and patient satisfaction

DocEngage Referral management is powerful for tracking and increasing referrals in both direction, referrals-in and referrals-out. This feature allows clinics and hospitals to create meaningful collaboration with other specialities and able to care patients in and out of the hospital. Patients satisfaction will increase as well. Association of referral network can be established for mutual benefits between primary, secondary and tertiary care entities and also laboratories.