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How DocEngage Healthcare CRM different from other CRM's? What is the value proposition?

Very simple, to work in Hospital, you need medically trained physician, nurse etc, likewise, to automate hospitals and care patients, you need medically enabled CRM which understands medical language in depth and creates immense value proposition.

DocEngage CRM integrates ----> EHR, Cloud Telephony, Call Centers, Social Media, Lead Generation sources etc. so you can get all the data from various sources to one software.

"DocEngage enables you to get More business from Patient Retention, increase Patient Engagement and Lead Conversation Ratio."


Hospital Marketing
Healthcare CRM doubles Hospital Patients by Awesome Patient Referral Programs

What the Healthcare CRM can do? Few use cases illustrated here...

Patient-InFlowMarketing Automation   Organic Revenue GrowthMarketing Automation   Patient Acquisition CostMarketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Patient RetentionMarketing Automation   Patient EngagementMarketing Automation   Organic Revenue GrowthMarketing Automation
CRM marketing
Patient LifetimeMarketing Automation   Organic Revenue GrowthMarketing Automation   Patient No showsMarketing Automation
Campaign Management
New Patient AcquisitionMarketing Automation   Hot LeadsHospital Marketing   Sales Conversion RateCRM Healthcare
Email Marketing Software
Sales ConversionMarketing Automation   New RevenueMarketing Automation   Marketing SpendMarketing Automation
Healthcare CRM
Marketing Resource EfficiencyMarketing Automation   Quality PipelineMarketing Automation   Lead Closure TimeMarketing Automation

Lead Converted through Facebook- 30%

Lead Converted through Website- 40%

Lead Converted through Offline- 20%

Lead Converted through Newspaper- 10%

Lead Converted through Social Media- 70%

Lead Converted through Staff- 65%

Lead Converted through Referral Program- 70%

Lead Converted through Staff/Resource Wise- 45%

Lead Converted through SMS/Email Campagin- 60%

CRM Healthcare
Treatment AcceptanceMarketing Automation    Patient Health OutcomePRM    Patient ExperienceCRM marketing

The DocEngage Care Coordinator & Engagement enables EMR based communication with patients, improve patient awareness, monitor health progress based on treatments , enables communication with physicians etc. This improves overall quality of care and improves health outcome and patient satisfaction

A Physicians referral management system is a important for health providers to keep track of their patient referrals throughout the care continuum. Its main goal is to improve and streamline communication among primary care physicians, specialists, and any other health providers involved in a patient’s care.


Patient Centric Call

Helps you to transform Traditional Call Center to Patient-Centric communication.

Reduce Marketing Cost

Run targeted & personalised campaign only on channels that are relevant to your patients.

Patient Retention and Win-back

Patient Dropout, Patient Concern Analytics helps to bring patient win back.

Opportunity Identification

Helps hospitals to identify Opportunities, turn opportunity into lead and helps in conversion.

Business Growth

Engage right patient with the right offer on right services through right channel at right time.

Health Awareness

Create intelligent health awareness to Patients and remind Prevention is better than cure.

Increase Patient Bring Back

With meaningful engagement, bring the appropriate patients who is not in contact with hospitals.

Build Patient Journey

Hospitals can implement programs that deliver timely, relevant information to Patients and Improves trust.

Patient Retention

By loyalty value programs for what patient wants and the services that they actively use and directs benefits to them.

Revenue Up

Boost transaction by offering relevant Cross-sell and Upsell to patients based on historical data or buying behaviour similar patients.

Measure Marketing ROI

Measure marketing campaigns against reportable return on investment (ROI) and empower marketing team to the next level.

Chronic care plan & engagement

Time based care plan with monitoring, tests, medication, activities enables engagement with patient and improves outcome & satisfaction.


Salient Features

  •   Referral Management- Complete referral management solution

  •   Suspect Management- Customer Data/New Customer Acquisition

  •   Patient Retention- Loyalty Value Program, Clinical care & Health outcome

  •   Dynamic Segment- Meaningful segmentation on Opportunities, Leads and Patients

  •   Long Term Care Coordination- Long term care plan communication and engagement with patients

  •   Sales Life Cycle Management- Manage opportunity, prospects, follow ups, funneling till conversion

  •   Patient Engagement- Education, Preventive Health, Health Awareness, Clinical data & communication

  •   Outreach & Marketing- Upsell, Cross sell or New service or Product launch targeted to right set of audience

  •   Patient Feedback & Actionable Workflow- Patient Opinion and Feedback on various levels and complete workflow to create actions and resolution

  •   DocEngage CRM Integrates with other healthcare systems seamlessly. Enabled in web, mobile & tablet platforms

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