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Healthcare Management System

What is Hospital Management System?

Hospital Management System(HMS) or Hospital Information System(HIS) or Hospital Management Information System(HMIS) whatever you call it, these are not just fancy terms, but rather a necessity of today’s hospitals. Hospital Management System, as we all know are massive integrated systems that support the comprehensive information of hospitals including administrative, clinical, ancillary and financial information. The functionality of the system differs with every user needs and operations.

DocEngage HMS is a cloud-based hospital system which provides a full range of hospital services unified by a single data repository, which means patient information can be shared securely and seamlessly across all medical departments.

HMS Provider

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This is what we provide for every user/department:


This includes solutions which improves physician’s practice performance and reduce physician's time spent on administrative task, allowing them to spend more quality time with patients. It also provides complete medical record captured in a structured manner, which can be configured according to the specialty and physician’s preference. Hassle free appointment scheduling and managing the team are another important use cases covered.

Patient Portal

Patients are smart and ask for records, so that they can manage their or their family’s health information. Patients can store their current and past medications, lab results, record health vitals, ask questions to their care providers directly and track progress. All the health information is available online.

Integrated Support Services

With DocEngage integrate your laboratory, radiology and pharmacy with patient records and billing to get a seamless coordination between care delivery and department operations. Users can perform their operational tasks, such as order management, inventory management, or run reports at click of a button. Allows the user to update master data for all lab, radiology test and also medications with upgraded range and other parameters.


Hospital Statistics

HIS or HMS can instantly provide the top management with reports and excellent analytics to analyse the performance of their practice at a single click. One can drill-down the reports to check the details in depth for any information. Users can view reports related to patient volume, resource utilization, bed occupancy, readmission rate, billing, accounts, etc. all of these reports can be configured as per the business need and workflow. HMS also allows to send automated emails on daily, weekly or monthly basis as per the requirement.

Billing Management

DocEngage HMS offers comprehensive web-based medical billing solution which integrates each and every financial operation without any hassle. It also provides monitoring your revenues for administrative perspective.

Distributed Inventory Management

The solution helps multi-chain clinics to manage stock at each level. Users can perform extensive list of actions like Add Products, Purchase entry, Indent request, Indent transfer, Purchase order, Sales return and Purchase return with easy clicks in software.

Pharmacy Management

Asset Management

Manage your assets in terms of location and details like Date of Purchase, Specifications, Location of the Equipment, AMC and Count etc. Prevent your investment breakdown with given link for particular information for equipment maintenance, along with these book appointments for your assets too.

Complete OPD Management

HMS allows to manage patients from their entry point to exit in an OPD. Patient registration, appointment scheduling, initial assessment, care plan templates, order management and follow-up reminders are some of the important and fundamental OPD operations which can be easily automated.

IPD Management

Manage your patients seamlessly starting from their admission to discharge. This module integrates and helps in establishing care co-ordination effectively across all the IPD operations like Admission, Nursing Stations, Defining Care Plan, Support Services (Lab, Radiology & Pharmacy), Billing, Insurance, Transfer, and Discharge. Other services like OT management and ICUs can also be integrated.

Home Healthcare Management

HMS allows any practice to integrate and customize unique workflows as per the home health businesses to create awesome patient impact & engagement, to manage entire operations in multiple cities, 100% clinical data driven assessment and much more.

Home Healthcare

Integrate your Marketing Efforts

An effective hospital management software integrated with DocEngage HCRM helps providers to analyse consumer behaviour patterns in terms of health services availed and their engagement. It enables the users to create outreach campaigns, promotions, select right group of patients, and monitor the impact of the marketing activities. One can also manage the sales funnel efficiently through this module.

Business Reports & Analytics

HMS gives comprehensive business reporting for related to your practice, such as expenses report, sales report, etc.

Last but not the least Enhance Interoperability

DocEngage HMS is committed to developing industry-leading interoperability standards. We enable secure communication and facilitate the sharing of patient data in a more secured and protected manner. Advancements in interoperability allow the entire medical community to leverage technology to improve communication and ultimately provide a higher level of patient care.

As per your security concerns, don’t worry DocEngage HMS is HIPAA compliant, that ensures safe & secure access to patient records with high level measures for information sharing, audit & security Read More

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