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HD 2-way video. OPD & IPD Telehealth.

Remote Patient Monitoring. IOT Devices.

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Software Made for Hospital or Clinic

Telemedicine Software
Patient Portal

Telemedicine 2.0 is Launched

Covid-19, Digital Transformer: Telemedicine Accelerates & No Looking Back.

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Remove distance between you & your patient with DocEngage Telemedicine

Our Telemedicine solution makes it easy for you to manage the most important aspects of your practice in your smartphone or tabs remotely. Conduct virtual visits with patients from outside your local area, and create digital records with just a few clicks.

OPD Telemedicine

OPD Telemedicine

Rght Mark   Video & Audio Call

Rght Mark   Online Payment

Rght Mark   Call Management

Rght Mark   ePrescription

Rght Mark   Patient Charting

Rght Mark   Online Appointment

IPD & ICU Telemedicine

IPD & ICU Telemedicine

Rght Mark   Remote Admission

Rght Mark   Family Doctor

Rght Mark   Device Integration

Rght Mark   EHR Review

Rght Mark   Second Opinion

Rght Mark   Personal Connect

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Rght Mark   PHR Visibility

Rght Mark   Health Notification

Rght Mark   Patient Connect

Rght Mark   Patient Engagement

Rght Mark   Health Tips

Rght Mark   Remote Connect

Smart Patients

Smart Patients

Rght Mark   eConsent

Rght Mark   Vital Upload

Rght Mark   Document Upload

Rght Mark   Online Payment

Rght Mark   Online Appointment

Rght Mark   Self Assessment

What is Telemedicine Software?

Telemedicine software enables to connect doctors and sick person remotely through audio & video conferencing. The doctor should able to manage the sick person clinical data during the call itself. Telemedicine is a subset of health IT that encompasses the use of technology to deliver clinical healthcare via secure video and audio connections.

Telemedicine software also enables remote sick person monitoring. Through telemedicine, the sick person can connect with the doctor any time anywhere via secure audio and video call and the sick person can also share some documents and images. DocEngage telemedicine software in India also allow sick person self-assessment workflow before the doctor start the video or audio call

HD 2-way video
HD 2-way video

Why is Telemedicine Important?

Telemedicine software is one way to service more sick persons in less time and to reduce the overhead of sick person check-in and waiting areas. Telemedicine allows doctors to reach globally across the world and impact each sick person life, making sure each sick person received the proper health advice and care.

Also, the population of elderly and chronically ill sick persons is growing quickly. Telemedicine solutions are most effective when a physician can actually see the sick person, visually diagnose a condition, and document the encounter.

Essential Features, at your Fingertips

HD 2-way video

HD 2-way Video

HD Video Call, Track Wait time, Call Time, Reminder for Video Call, Live Chat, Document

Online book appointment

Online Book Appointment

Easy booking system, Status Tracking, Appointment Compliance, Link with Invoice

Online Payment Collection

Online Payment Collection

Easy pay via payment Link & App, Payment Confirm Notification, Track of Fail Payment


Electronic Charting

Manage Vital, Notes, ePrescription, Document, Lab Order, Diagnosis, Health Assessment form



Get the Patient Consent, Highly Secure 2 Way Communication sick person & doctor details

Doc App

Doctor App

Today, Upcoming & Past schedule, App notification, sick person data management

Patient App

Patient App

Online Appointment & Payment Request, Vital & Document Upload, Feedback, Health-tips

e-visit Management

Patient e-visit Management

Appointment, Remote Connect, Visit Summary post consultation, Feedback after consultation

Automate Follow-up call

Automate Follow up Call

Follow Up Appt. Mgmt. Reduce No Shows, Automated call to sick person for follow up



Manage ePrescription, Refills & Automated notification


Social Media Integration

Facebook, IVR, SMS, Email, Website, Whatsapp

Online Reports

Telemedicine Reports

100+ Reports ready for measure your quality of services

Event Based Push Notification through SMS, Email & Whatsapp to Every Patient

Ministry &
NITI Aayog

Telemedicine Guidelines

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Software Made for Hospital or Clinic

Rght Mark   Get Sick Persons's Consent for Tele-consultation

Rght Mark   Announce Doctors name to sick person before encounter

Rght Mark   Keep a record of Teleconsultation

Rght Mark   Generate ePrescription allowed as per TPG-Document

Rght Mark   Advise/Counselling on next action

Rght Mark   Sick Persons Feedback after consultation

Rght Mark   Protect Privacy and Confidentiality of Tele consult

Rght Mark   Capture Sick Person's Name, Age and Sex-Available

Medical Apps

Medical Records In Patient's Pocket

Sick person can view, his data anytime anywhere using patient app and also he can make some quick action in mobile app such as document upload, appointment request and self assessment form.

Patient App 

Billing App   

The Benefits of Telemedicine Software for Providers

Improves Engagement  Improves Patient Engagement

  •   Communicate with sick persons via Email

  •   Text reminders to sick persons show up for appointments

  •   Encourage sick persons to monitor their health via Patient Apps

  •   Use ePrescribe and online prescription renewal requests

  •   Provide daily medication reminders via text or Email

Improves Healthcare Quality  Improves Healthcare Quality

  •   Collect Data and Analyze Sick Person Outcomes

  •   Set Goals and Commit to Ongoing Evaluation

  •   Improve Access to Care

  •   Focus on Sick Persons Engagement

  •   Reducing delays in care

Increase Revenue  Increases Practice Revenue

  •   Encourage online reviews & manage it easily in Feedback Mgmt.

  •   Make sure that your marketing metrics are measurable

  •   Sick person Engagement by Text, Email, Messaging & Video call

  •   Sick person Campaign mgmt. to generate additional revenue

  •   Prospect Management takes care of conversion of leads to sale

Reduces No-shows  Reduces Patient No-shows

  •   Do Appointment Reminders the Right Way

  •   Allow sick persons to cancel/reschedule by Email/text message

  •   Offer compliant sick persons access to priority scheduling

  •   Transform Your Scheduling Process

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The Core Components

Core Componenets

EHR Integration

DocEngage telemedicine has integrated EHR along with the video consultation. This enables caregivers to manage the medical record during the call itself and refer to the old medical record. It's very easy to use, very similar to an in-person visit.

Eligibility Verification

Providers need all the assurance to conduct the video call in terms of technology, reminder, and visibility of call timing, etc. The sick person should also sign the consent and share some of the documents with the doctor before start the video call. That's why DocEngage allow end-user to configure the workflow and rules as per user requirement.

Custom Branding

DocEngage enables the user to have their brand logo and name in your telehealth app, so the sick person is associate with your practice get the peace of mind that they are getting the same level of care that they’ve come to expect from your team.

HIPAA Compliant Video

Not all video connections are secure enough to provide the sick person confidentiality protections required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). That’s one of the many reasons that providers are choosing purpose-built telemedicine technology, rather than consumer grade video conferencing options like Facetime or Skype, these solutions are not HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solutions.

Built-in Support

No matter how easy-to-use telemedicine software can be, no doubt there will be questions from time to time. or case to case. That’s why Users should choose technology that includes in-app support for real-time issue resolution. We have in-app chat option to connect with the end-user in real-time or we are just a call away to support our customers.

Clinic Management Software

Care Your Remote Patients by seeing their Medical Data using Embedded "DocEngage EHR"

Appointment Management. Complete Medical Data. E-prescription. Refill & Reminders.
Medical History Document Share. Diagnosis. Billing. OPD Management.

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Telemedicine is now Well Connected, Safe Remote Patient Care & Cure.