No:1, Patient Experience software to increase the total perceived value of a patient interacting with your hospital and build great brand value.

Telehealth Software

HD 2-way video. OPD & IPD Telehealth.

Remote Patient Monitoring. IOT Devices.

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Telemedicine Software

Remove distance between you and your patient with DocEngage Telehealth

Our Telehealth solution makes it easy for you to manage the most important aspects of your practice in your smart phone or tabs remotely. Conduct virtual visits with patients from outside your local area, and create digital records with just a few clicks.

OPD Telemedicine

OPD Telehealth

Rght Mark   Video & Audio Call

Rght Mark   Online Payment

Rght Mark   Call Management

Rght Mark   ePrescription

Rght Mark   Patient Charting

Rght Mark   Online Appointment

IPD & ICU Telemedicine

IPD & ICU Telehealth

Rght Mark   Remote Admission

Rght Mark   Family Doctor

Rght Mark   Device Integration

Rght Mark   EHR Review

Rght Mark   Second Opinion

Rght Mark   Peronsal Connect

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Rght Mark   PHR Visibility

Rght Mark   Health Notification

Rght Mark   Patient Connect

Rght Mark   Patient Engagement

Rght Mark   Health Tips

Rght Mark   Remote Connect

Smart Patients

Smart Patients

Rght Mark   eConsent

Rght Mark   Vital Upload

Rght Mark   Document Upload

Rght Mark   Online Payment

Rght Mark   Online Appointment

Rght Mark   Self Assessment

Essential Resources, at your Fingertips

HD 2-way video

HD 2-way Video

HD Video Call, Track Wait time, Call Time, Reminder for Video Call, Live Chat, Document

Online book appointment

Online Book Appointment

Easy booking system, Status Tracking, Appointment Compliance, Link with Invoice

Online Payment Collection

Online Payment Collection

Easy pay via payment Link & App, Payment Confirm Notification, Track of Fail Payment


Electronic Charting

Manage Vital, Notes, ePrescription, Document, Lab Order, Diagnosis, Health Assessment form



Get the Patient Consent, Highly Secure 2 Way Communication patient & doctor details

Doc App

Doctor App

Today, Upcoming & Past schedule, App notification, Patient data management

Patient App

Patient App

Online Appointment & Payment Request, Vital & Document Upload, Feedback, Health-tips

e-visit Management

Patient e-visit Management

Appointment, Remote Connect, Visit Summary post consultation, Feedback after consultation

Automate Follow-up call

Automate Follow up Call

Follow Up appointment mgmt., Reduce No Shows, Automated call to patient for follow up

Event Based Push Notification through SMS, Whatsapp to Every Patient

Telehealth Practice

Convenience & Quality Healthcare

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Manage ePrescription, Refills & Automated notification


Social Media Integration

Facebook, IVR, SMS, Email, Website, Whatsapp

Online Reports

Telehealth Reports

100+ Reports ready for measure your quality of services

Clinical Communication System

Clinical Communication

Clinical notification via SMS, Email and Whatsapp

Visit Management

Visit management

Prescriptions, Notes, Lab Test, Vitals, Document & Form

Medical Apps

Patient Medical Record In Patient's Pocket

Patient can view, his data anytime anywhere using patient app and also he can make some quick action in mobile app such as document upload, appointment request and self assessment form.

Patient App 

Billing App   

Telehealth Compliance as per Govt.

Rght Mark   Get Patient's Consent for Tele-consultation

Rght Mark   Announce Doctors name to patient before encounter

Rght Mark   Keep a record of Teleconsultation

Rght Mark   Generate e Prescription allowed as per TPG-Document

Rght Mark   Advise/Counselling on next action

Rght Mark   Patient Feedback after consultation

Rght Mark   Protect Privacy and Confidentiality of Tele consult

Rght Mark   Capture Patients Name, Age and Sex-Available

Clinic Management Software

Care Your Remote Patients by seeing their Medical Data using Embedded "DocEngage EHR"

Appointment Management. Advance Billing & Rate card. Pharmacy Management System.
Patient Queue Management. E-prescription. Refill & Reminders.

with our Products

Telehealth is now Well Organized, Effortless, Simple, Easy to Manage.