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Corporate Social Responsibility

Skill gap is a reality for companies across sectors in India and it is all the more prevalent in the IT sector. The ground reality is that 30 lakh graduates join the Indian job market every year but only about 5 lakh of those are considered employable. Skill development of the enormous talent pool will act one of the critical levers of growth.

According to research reports, the growing skill gap in India is estimated to be more than 25 crore workers by 2022. Out of the 15 lakh engineering graduates India produces every year, 20-30 percent of them do not find jobs and many others get jobs well below their technical qualification.

There is a huge gap between the engineering curricula and the actual industry requirements. The skill gap issue will only aggravate in the future considering the kind of growth and development predicted for the Indian automobile segment.

DocEngage missioned to mentor/skill/reskill job seeking freshers and create employability opportunity for them. We are focused on freshers or someone wants to reskill only.

Freshers Mentorship Workshop (How To Land Your First Job)

By Asha Satapathy
Founder, DocEngage

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