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Electronic Health Record

Dynamic Forms. Pre-filled Templates

E-prescription. Refill & Reminders.

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You never met an EHR like this before!!! Care Provider work smarter, not harder. Clinical workflows tailored to your needs, saves time and energy & Digitalize your Clinical Practices.

DocEngage's Electronic Health Record is a digitized version of a patient's history & complete medical details. It maintains the patient's chart record that makes medical information instantly available for the approved users securely. EHR software for hospital management has been built to maintain and keep track of patient clinical history, documents, patient files, lab, pharmacy & scheduling. We enable you to give personalize engagement with your patients. Patients & Caregivers get automated notification for appointments, prescriptions, labs, Payment, etc.

Cloud Based EHR

Cloud-based EHR

Cloud-based EHR

Modern, Cloud-based EHR to help enterprise to small practices to boost profitability & patient outcome

Patient Workflows

Smart Patient Workflows

Smart Patient Workflows

Automate clinical workflows Charting, e-Prescription, Lab orders, Care giver Task lists & Digitalize Forms

Pre-Defined Templates

Pre-Defined Templates

Pre-Defined Templates

Reduce the manual effort by Speciality and Disease based Master Templates, Pre-populated while creating Clinical Notes

Patient Data Analytics

Patient Files Management

Patient Files Management

Upload limited patient documents and files in each stage of the treatment

EHR Features

EHR Features
Pratice Management

Practice Management

Patient Registration, Appointment & Billing

Patient Portal

Treatment Plan

Long term Care packages & Activities


Assessment Forms

Digitize all Clinical Forms


E-prescription & Reminders

Automated Appt, Prescription & Refill Reminders

Patient History

Pharmacy Mgmt. & Charting

Stock Mng, Clinical Notes, Diagnosis & Allergy

Patient Lab Result

Patient Lab

Lab Order, Result Upload, Doctor Review

Patient Portal

Patient Login

Any time any where patient can login and view the clinical progress and outcome and can request for an appointment


Assement Forms. E-prescription. Advance charting.

Charts Apps 

Charts Apps

The Compliance


HIPAA Compliance

A HIPAA compliant software that ensures you safe & secure access to patient records with high level measures for information sharing, audit & security.

Security 360

Communication encrypted through SSL, HTTPS, high secure, geographically dispersed data centres, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018

FHIR Compliance

DocEngage EHR is FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ) compliance which is a framework & standard of HL7 for interoperability compliance for sharing, integration & retrieval of clinical health data & other electronic health information Read More →

Simplicity, Ease of Use, Little Typing, Pre-Configured, No IT-Headache, We offer what your doctors like and comply