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Clinic Master

How we help doctors to type less and focus on patient

Our intelligent algorithms smartly prompts speciality based Favourites & Templates in Charting, Clinical Notes, Prescription,Treatment Plans, Lab Report. Digital Assessment Forms enables doctors to type less.

Everything you need to make your Clinic (OPD) "Digital"

appointment with doctors

Appointment Management

Multi-center Scheduling, Roaster, Online Appt, Reminders, No Shows Tracking

Apps for Doctor

Advance Billing & Rate card

Locationwise Rate Card, Case Counter, Payment, Wallet, Refund, Audits, Reports

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

Integrated Inventory with Pharmacy, Smart-Prescription, Dispense, Billing, Transfer, ROL

Patient Queue Management

Patient Queue Management

Waiting List, Status Change, Reminders, Queue Analysis, Schedule Tracking

Service Management

Package & Services

Packages, Group Appts, Reminders, Services, Invoice & Tracking, Upsell

Doc App

Staff Ticket Tracking

Internal Staff Tasks, Tickets, Tracking, Escalation & Completion, Increased Productivity

Clinic Management, Simplified

Reduce your workload with comprehensive clinic software with perfect apps for IVR doc appointments, online billing, reporting, messaging & more for one and many clinic chains

Event Based Push Notification to Every Patient

Clinic Management System

Kept Simple, Made

Referral System


Manage your practice referrals & earn money



Website, Facebook, IVR, SMS, Email, Whatsapp

Online Reports


80+ Reports ready for measure your practice

Communication System


Automatic reminders, SMS, Email and Calls.

Patient Medical Records

Medical Record

Prescriptions, Notes, Lab Test, Vitals & Form

Clinic Management Software

Grow Your Multi Speciality Clinic & Take Care Your All Patient Data in "#1 Digital Platform"

Multiple Products in 1 Enterprise HCRM. Dynamic Forms. Pre-filled Templates.
E-prescription. Refill & Reminders.

with our Products

Clinic Management is now Well Organized, Effortless, Simple, Happier Patients