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Healthcare Marketing

What is Hospital Marketing?

Hospital marketing refers to the use of marketing strategies like advertising, branding and promotional tactics to improve population health by interacting with community, building trust, displaying expertise in care in order to acquire new sufferers and create long lasting relationships. Healthcare advertise has to be genuine at the same time it needs to demonstrate the capabilities of the clinic or medical so well that the respective sick persons come by in volumes.

According to CDC, it is a multidisciplinary area of public health practice, which involves creating, communicating and delivering health information and interventions using customer centered and science based strategies to protect and promote the health of diverse populations.


Types of Hospital Marketing

  •   Marketing of hospital services can be executed offline and online, organic to gain prospects.
  •   Offline channels include print advertising, medical camps, brochures, awareness programs & radio
  •   Online, Website with chat, Facebook, youtube channels, SEO to enhance your hospital visibility, you can learn more here
  •   Organic, Invest on Patient referrals which is a integral source of bringing new patients, you can learn more here

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Benefits of Hospital Marketing

  •   Better competitive advantage results in increased acquisition of patients
  •   Increased visibility
  •   Focused patient engagement with relevant, personalised & timely outreach
  •   Improved patient retention and loyalty
  •   Connect with patients across multiple channels
  •   Reduced miscommunication / misinformation
  •   Improved reputation management
Hospital Advertising Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hospital marketing important?

There has been a dramatic shift in the hospital industry to focus more on consumers, since patients are now more involved with their own health, providers must focus on how they can engage their target audience directly. Healthcare marketing solutions can help you acquire new patients on a regular basis so that your practice can achieve a profitable growth. Moreover, it supports this transition to value-based care by educating patients by providing high-quality patient experience. This helps to achieve better health outcomes, while generating revenue.

What are the challenges in hospital advertising?

The most common challenges or barriers that prevent hospital marketing success are:

  • Departmental silos
  • Not keeping up with latest trends and technology
  • Insufficient funds
  • HIPAA non-compliance
  • Which tools / technology will help to formulate best marketing strategies in hospital?

    • Healthcare CRM

      Healthcare CRM

      HCRM integrates lead data from variety of sources create, target measure multidisciplinary campaigns.

      Learn More
    • Content Management System

      Content Mgmt. system

      To streamline & manage marketing content, and can be integrated with HCRM for better campaigns and outreach

      Learn More
    • Optimisised Call Center

      Optimised Call Center

      Call center solution uses HCRM data to understand details & given good experiences for inbound & outbound calls.

      Learn More
    • Marketing Automation Tools

      Patient Retargeting

      You can effectively retarget patients based on the current medical history and explore reasonable upsell & cross sell

      Learn More


    What is the role of a provider in creating a successful hospital marketing campaigns?

    Hospital marketing agencies are the ones who know their medical consumers in and out, and hence they have a huge role to play. Providers can leverage the consumer data from a variety of sources and target out patient messaging accordingly. This would help the medical marketers to understand the consumer base in depth creating a better competitive edge.

    What are the HIPAA guidelines for Hospital Marketing?

    Ideally, there are no restrictions when it comes to HIPAA. The only thing one should adhere to is that you should not collect PHI on forms designed for promote purposes, just a first name, last name and an email address should be enough.

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