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DocEngage EHR

Physicians work smarter and drive better clinical outcome with EHR.
Focus on your patients not on to the screen by few clicks and easy EHR.

See why we’re ranked #1 in more categories than any other EHR

Our industry-leading EHR has been co-created with feedback from over 1000+ medical professionals, it reflects real pain with the perfect solution. DocEngage charting brings patient information from across the care continuum, giving you a 360° view of your patients’ health. And also coordinated patient care with a unified practice management system.

You never met an EHR like this before!!! Physicians work smarter, not harder. Clinical workflows tailored to your needs, saves time and energy.

Modern, cloud-based EHR to help enterprise to small practices to boost profitability & patient outcome

Integrates seamlessly with our Practice Management & CRM: single clinical, administrative, financial & sales solution

Delivers all tools to deliver better patient care: clinical flow to prescription, charts, labs, careplan etc.

Charts, a comprehensive view of a patient’s complete clinical summary that what you want to see

DocEngage EHR Features

  •   Complete Practice management : Advanced Schedule Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Website Integration etc.

  •   Vital: Patient Vital management along with the status

  •   Care Plan: Create Patient care plan and measure the outcome

  •   Timeline: View all the previous visit history in a single page

  •   Lab Result Review: Notification alert to review the lab result

  •   Refill Prescription: Automatic shows the last visit prescription

  •   Value based care: Deliver the value based care using DocEngage EHR

  •   Report: View and Download the EHR report and use for any analytic purpose

  •   E Prescription: Easy way to prescribe the medicine and send to your patient

  •   Customizable Form (Assessment Form): Design your own Medical and consent form

  •   Lab Order: Automate your lab order creation and communication with lab technician

  •   Upload Document: Upload any clinical/non clinical document from your laptop or mobile

  •   Share EHR Document: Share EHR, document with another consultant for second opinion

  •   Outcome Measurement: Measure the patient precondition and outcome on every visit

  •   Specialty Base Clinical Notes: Customize clinical notes based on your doctor specialty

  •   Charting Apps: One stop solution for all clinical activity like notes, prescription, lab etc.

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