First ever Home Care Software in India and supporting customers since 2014. 200+ workflows to provide care at home.

Deliver Superior Care to Patients

with the Comfort of Home & Family

Using DocEngage Home Health


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Home Health Software for Home Care Services

Homecare services are novice concept and gaining popularity in world wide. This is a revolution in Healthcare is targeted to benefits patients with the comfort of home and family. Integrating Homecare services with workflow of Hospitals/Clinics is a vigorous activity.

DocEngage is first software pioneered in home health since 2014 with enormous capacity to enable HomeCare services of a hospital or individual organization with efficient and strongly coupled process & care workflow using mobile and web technologies.

First ever Home Care Software in India and supporting customers since 2014. 200+ workflows to provide care at home with at most comfort of patients.

Following services are well managed by DocEngage Home Health Software

 Doctor/Physio Visit at Home
 Doctor/Nurse Visit at Home

 Elder Care
 Post Surgery Care
 Spinal Injury

 Live In Care
 Brain Injury
 Lab Test at Home

 Palliative Care
 New Born Care
 Attentive Chronic Care

 DocEngage Home Health Benefits

Secure and Save

Our complete home health software offers secure data storage and redundant backup, automatic updates, upgrades and backups.

Strong Mobile Apps

Easy and convenient access anywhere any time on iPad, iPhone, Android, Tabs, Mac, Desktops, Laptops.

Improve Health Outcome

Advanced care plan for short term,chronic or post operative conditions. Remote monitoring, deep engagement leads to better outcome.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patient can view their medical record and engage with the providers any time anywhere. The more the communication, the more the satisfaction.

Create Wow Patient Experience

Care coordination, follow ups, prescription refill, medication reminders, engagement, preventive health, lifestyle education, inspiration and motivation brings patients more close to you.

Increase sense of security & trust

DocEngage integrates with any medical devices to monitor patient health data in real time esp when patients are admitted in Home IPD and critical condition.

DocEngage Home Health Features

DocEngage Home Health Care is a single, complete and comprehensive solution specifically designed for Home Health care organization.
It provides an enormous capacity to facilitate Home Care services with efficient and strongly coupled process flow.

   Careflow Management

  •   Short Term and Long Term Care Plans (Pre-Planned/Custom)

  •   Web/Tablet/Mobile Based EHR

  •   Custom Outcome Assessment Forms

  •   Home IPD/ICU

  •   Medicine Home Delivery & Sample Collection at Home

  •   Define Work List for Clinical & Non-Clinical Staff or Team

  •   Remote Monitoring

   Operation Management

  •   HomeCare Enabled Billing with estimation, discounts, offers, packages

  •   Roster Management supports multiple variety shift hours for providers

  •   Appt. management by speciality, skills, grade, proximity and locations

  •   Patient Area Locator With Assisted Map

  •   100+ Powerful Reports & MIS for business, clinical & operation

  •   Inventory/Pharmacy Management

  •   Single view for Multi City and Multi Location Setup

   Patient Experience Management

  •   Membership Plan & Loyalty to retain & benefit patients

  •   Patient Experience Survey, Feedback and NPS Score

  •   PHR (Patient Health Portal) for Patient Access

  •   Patient Engagement by Text, Email, Messaging & Video call

  •   Patient Education for preventive health & Awareness

  •   Patient Campaign management to generate additional revenue

  •   Prospect Management takes care of conversion of leads to sale

   Connected Care

  •   IoT Device Integration for Patient Health monitors

  •   Integration to Cloud Telephony

  •   Integration to Social Media & Website

  •   Online patient health data

  •   Patient engagement with providers by chat

  •   Patient communication for health awareness

  •   Patient Secure email Communication

The Power of DocEngage

  •   Powerful Charting: Advanced patient medical record, few touch and easy entry.

  •   Mobility: Real-time access to clinical information with a range of mobile apps.

  •   Customer's Involvement: Built by co-creating with real customers, 200+ workflows.

  •   Care Plans: Powerful care plans, coordinated care team and improved health outcome.

  •   Never leave patient alone: By continuous monitoring by DocEngage monitoring device integration.

  •   CRM & Marketability: Increased patient retention and new patient acquisition by DocEngage integrated CRM.

  •   Increase Referrals: DocEngage referral & loyalty programs helps to increase referrals in physician and patient.

  •   Powerful Analytics: Delivers deep insights on clinical, financial, marketing and administrative performance.

You'll love being on DocEngage!