No:1, Patient Experience software to increase the total perceived value of a patient interacting with your hospital and build great brand value.

DocEngage Patient Experience

Enhance Overall Experience of

Patients at Hospital!

Improve Outcome & Patient Retention


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Why Patient Experience Management (PXM) is the need of every hospital?

True patient experience reflects the total perceived value of a patient interacting with a health system. In comprises of Care Delivery, SOP’s, Communication, Coordinated Care, Outcome, Satisfaction, Empathy and Compassion throughout the health delivery system. The best experience of patient is felt in each and every moment from the entry till the exit of the hospital.

It is time for hospitals to understand that the only way they can make a difference and project a sustainable growth with competition is to differentiate themselves on Patient Experience. This will drive patient and staff satisfaction, creating loyalty and improves outcome.

DocEngage delivers complete technology that improves and builds trusted relationships between healthcare systems, clinicians and patients and takes the hospital to the climb in Patient Experience.

Patient experience is not about single visit, it is the cumulative impact of overall patient journey in the hospital. DocEngage provides complete technology platform for greater patient experience.

Increases Efficiency and capacity for patients

Decrease operating costs and improve bottom line

Improve staff satisfaction and retention

Build reputation to encourage patient to consolidate care

Patient Experience Benefits

Remove Patient Waiting Time

Bring down the waiting time of patients in front office, OPD, ER, pharmacy, radiology and reduce average stay time

Increases patient treatment agreeing ratio

PX ensures that patients are well educated about diseases, side effects, treatment and increase patient opting for treatment.

Improves communication with patients & family

Patients understand their care plan are more likely to follow treatment & instructions. With communication the outcome improves much more.

Reduces patient unnecessary re-visits

After first visit, patient can clarify their doubts by remote communication. This will increase patient continuity of services.

Improves HCAHPS ratings

HCAHPS ratings are a strong indicator of patient loyalty, trust & competitive differentiation.

Grow Market Share

As healthcare becomes increasingly competitive, organizations that focus on the human experience will create market differentiation.


Patient Experience Features

  •   Patient App & Messaging

  •   MultiLayer surveys & Score

  •   Advanced EHR for Physicians

  •   Staff Communication & Survey

  •   Pre-Arrival Patient Communication

  •   Patient Kiosk, Smart Registration & payment

  •   Communication with family members

  •   Patient feedback ticketing and resolution

  •   Patient Loyalty Points & Membership

  •   Patient Education Videos

  •   Reminders: Medication, CarePlan & follow ups

  •   Online Integration to websites & social media


Free Patient Experience Toolkit for Hospitals

  •   AIDET training tool for Staff

  •   Sample Patient Experience Survey

  •   Sample Departmental Wise Survey

  •   Sample Patient feedback during and after treatments

  •   Employee Engagement Survey

  •   Sample Patient Experience Program