World Class Software Support

  DocEngage has a very strong & world class Customer Success Team (CST) supporting multiple geographies.

  DocEngage culture is so rooted that we take care of the customer to the maximum extend and spend quality time in understanding their concerns.

  Customers can use instant chat in the software to get support from CST team.

  Customer facing any problems can initiate ticket in the specified ticketing system where you can create tickets and it can be tracked easily for status.

  Customer can also send us mail to raise their issues or asking for clarification.

  Customer can also call us to speak to one of our CST team members for instant help.

  We also conduct product training on-going basis, you can sign up and join the training.

  We do have training videos which you can see in your comfortable time to explore the product.

  We always welcome our customers to provide suggestions and improvements on our products.

  We do provide dedicated support assistance for your hospital onsite or offsite with reasonable pricing.

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